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Development of the FSSP software

The Food Spoilage and Safety Predictor (FSSP) software has been developed by the Predictive Microbiology research group (Paw Dalgaard) at the National Food Institute (DTU Food) within the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in collaboration with Anchor Lab K/S (Brian J. Cowan).

Microsoft Visual C# .Net (msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/) and Microsoft Visual Studio .Net were selected for the programming and development of FSSP. C# is an object-oriented programming language and it was selected to create FSSP as a flexibly application that allows convenient addition of new models and facilities. C# provides extensive support for XML (www.w3c.org/XML/) and this language has been used for importing, exporting as well as handling of the data internally within the application. XML also provided the ability to easily create a multi language application and user configurable options.