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Temperature profile data - FSSP formats

FSSP can read and evaluate the effect of temperature profiles on growth of bacteria and/or on shelf-life of various foods. For temperature profiles to be read directly by FSSP the time-temperature data needs to be in specific formats. FSSP can read temperature profile data in (i) a very simple ASCII format that most temperature profile data easily can be converted into and (ii) a more complex XML format. These formats have been selected as a supplements to import of data by the dedicated FSSP raw data importer module.

ASCII: Simple format

ASCII files can be generate by text editors and spreadsheets. Thus, the simple ASCII format shown below can be used to create temperature profiles e.g. by converting existing temperature profile data into this format. See SimpleAscii.txt for an example of a simple ASCII file that FSSP can read.  


XML: eXtensible Markeup Language

Files in XML format (www.w3c.org/XML/) is used for importing, exporting as well as for handling of the data internally within FSSP. This file format has many advantages and data from FSSP can be saved in XML format by the software. However, as shown in the example below XML files looks somewhat complicated and it is not advisable to try to generate these files using text editors or spreadsheets. In fact, the XML file in the example below just includes the simple temperature profile shown here as a graph. 


Example of a simple temperature profile in XML format  

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='C:\Documents and Settings\brc\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\SSP Projects\10-06-2003\SSP\bin\Debug\XSL\Standard.xslt'?>
<loggerType ReadID="0">XML</loggerType>
<serialNo>SSPv2 Output File</serialNo>
<data att0="0" att1="0" att2="336" att3="149.33" att4="84"/>
<data att0="0" att1="1" att2="335" att3="148.89" att4="83.75"/>
<data att0="0" att1="1" att2="334" att3="148.44" att4="83.5"/>
<data att0="0" att1="1" att2="333" att3="148" att4="83.25"/>
<data att0="0" att1="1" att2="332" att3="147.56" att4="83"/>
<data att0="0" att1="1" att2="331" att3="147.11" att4="82.75"/>
<data att0="0" att1="1" att2="330" att3="146.67" att4="82.5"/>
<data att0="0" att1="1" att2="329" att3="146.22" att4="82.25"/>
<data att0="0" att1="1" att2="328" att3="145.78" att4="82"/>
<data att0="0" att1="1" att2="327" att3="145.33" att4="81.75"/>
<data att0="5" att1="1" att2="324.75" att3="144.33" att4="81.19"/>
<data att0="5" att1="1" att2="322.5" att3="143.33" att4="80.62"/>
<data att0="5" att1="1" att2="320.25" att3="142.33" att4="80.06"/>
<data att0="5" att1="1" att2="318" att3="141.33" att4="79.5"/>
<data att0="5" att1="1" att2="315.75" att3="140.33" att4="78.94"/>
<data att0="5" att1="1" att2="313.5" att3="139.33" att4="78.38"/>
<data att0="5" att1="1" att2="311.25" att3="138.33" att4="77.81"/>
<data att0="5" att1="1" att2="309" att3="137.33" att4="77.25"/>
<data att0="5" att1="1" att2="306.75" att3="136.33" att4="76.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="302.75" att3="134.56" att4="75.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="298.75" att3="132.78" att4="74.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="294.75" att3="131" att4="73.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="290.75" att3="129.22" att4="72.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="286.75" att3="127.44" att4="71.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="282.75" att3="125.67" att4="70.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="278.75" att3="123.89" att4="69.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="274.75" att3="122.11" att4="68.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="270.75" att3="120.33" att4="67.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="266.75" att3="118.56" att4="66.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="262.75" att3="116.78" att4="65.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="258.75" att3="115" att4="64.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="254.75" att3="113.22" att4="63.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="250.75" att3="111.44" att4="62.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="246.75" att3="109.67" att4="61.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="242.75" att3="107.89" att4="60.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="238.75" att3="106.11" att4="59.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="234.75" att3="104.33" att4="58.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="230.75" att3="102.56" att4="57.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="226.75" att3="100.78" att4="56.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="222.75" att3="99" att4="55.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="218.75" att3="97.22" att4="54.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="214.75" att3="95.44" att4="53.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="210.75" att3="93.67" att4="52.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="206.75" att3="91.89" att4="51.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="202.75" att3="90.11" att4="50.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="198.75" att3="88.33" att4="49.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="194.75" att3="86.56" att4="48.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="190.75" att3="84.78" att4="47.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="186.75" att3="83" att4="46.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="182.75" att3="81.22" att4="45.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="178.75" att3="79.44" att4="44.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="174.75" att3="77.67" att4="43.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="170.75" att3="75.89" att4="42.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="166.75" att3="74.11" att4="41.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="162.75" att3="72.33" att4="40.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="158.75" att3="70.56" att4="39.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="154.75" att3="68.78" att4="38.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="150.75" att3="67" att4="37.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="146.75" att3="65.22" att4="36.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="142.75" att3="63.44" att4="35.69"/>
<data att0="10" att1="1" att2="138.75" att3="61.67" att4="34.69"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="137.31" att3="61.03" att4="34.33"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="135.87" att3="60.39" att4="33.97"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="134.43" att3="59.75" att4="33.61"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="132.99" att3="59.11" att4="33.25"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="131.55" att3="58.47" att4="32.89"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="130.11" att3="57.83" att4="32.53"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="128.67" att3="57.19" att4="32.17"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="127.23" att3="56.55" att4="31.81"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="125.79" att3="55.91" att4="31.45"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="124.35" att3="55.27" att4="31.09"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="122.91" att3="54.63" att4="30.73"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="121.47" att3="53.99" att4="30.37"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="120.03" att3="53.35" att4="30.01"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="118.59" att3="52.71" att4="29.65"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="117.15" att3="52.07" att4="29.29"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="115.71" att3="51.43" att4="28.93"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="114.27" att3="50.79" att4="28.57"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="112.83" att3="50.15" att4="28.21"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="111.39" att3="49.51" att4="27.85"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="109.95" att3="48.87" att4="27.49"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="108.51" att3="48.23" att4="27.13"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="107.07" att3="47.59" att4="26.77"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="105.63" att3="46.95" att4="26.41"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="104.19" att3="46.31" att4="26.05"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="102.75" att3="45.67" att4="25.69"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="101.31" att3="45.03" att4="25.33"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="99.87" att3="44.39" att4="24.97"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="98.43" att3="43.75" att4="24.61"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="96.99" att3="43.11" att4="24.25"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="95.55" att3="42.47" att4="23.89"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="94.11" att3="41.83" att4="23.53"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="92.67" att3="41.19" att4="23.17"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="91.23" att3="40.55" att4="22.81"/>
<data att0="2" att1="1" att2="89.79" att3="39.91" att4="22.45"/>