Food Spoilage and Safety Predictor (FSSP)

Stochastic model for the simultaneous growth of Listeria monocytogenes and psychrotolerant lactic acid bacteria (stocahstic LmLAB-model):

The stocahstic LmLAB-model was developed using the Analytica software (version from Lumina Decision Systems, Inc. and uploaded to the Analytica Cloud Player to make it generally available. To get access to the stochastic LmLAB-model the following procedure should be used:

  1.  An email should be send to (Ole Mejlholm) with the following information:
    • Name (first and last name)
    • Email-address
    • Country
    • Place of work
    • Main activity:
    • Main industry:
  2. You will recieve an email including a link to the stochastic LmLAB-model and a short introduction on how to get started
  3. A more detailed description of the stochastic LmLAB-model including a step by step guide is available from here (link)

To run the stochastic LmLAB model it is not necessary to download the Analytica software - all you need is a web browser and to create an Analytica Cloud Player account. You will receive 25 free Analytica Cloud Player session credits when creating your account. If you are an Analytica user with active support, you will also receive 25 credits every month for free.

More information about and terms for using the Analytica Cloud Player can be obtained from here

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